Do I need a referral from my GP to see a physio?

Generally no, you do not need a referral from your GP to see a physio. However, if you are accessing treatment via Medicare, DVA, Work Cover or CTP a GP referral will need to be in place. Please note you are free to select the physio of your choice providing they are registered to provide services under the relevant scheme.

Can a Physio refer me for a scan?

Yes, physiotherapists can refer their patients for scans (i.e. X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI). BUT the Medicare rebate towards the cost of the scan will either be reduced or nil. You will be eligible for higher rebates if you go through your GP or Specialist.

How much will I get back through my private health fund?

This depends on your level of cover, your chosen insurer, how much of your benefits you have already used and the price of the consultation fee. If you know the price of the consultation fee it is best to contact your insurer to find out exactly what your rebate will be.

Can I get treatment through Medicare and do you bulk bill?

People with chronic and complex medical conditions may be able to access up to 5 visits per calendar year to a physiotherapist. This is often referred to as a Medicare Care Plan, Enhanced Primary Care Plan, Chronic Disease Management Plan or a Team Care Arrangement (they are all referring to the same thing!). Your GP is responsible for assessing whether you meet the criteria and will submit the relevant paper work to Medicare if you are eligible.

We do not bulk bill this amount and charge a small gap fee of approximately $35.

Do you accept all credit cards?

We only accept Eftpos, VISA and Mastercards. Unfortunately, we do not take American Express or Diners cards.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept cash payments

Do I need to have my health fund card present to claim a rebate on your HICAPs terminal?

Yes, we need to physically swipe your health fund card at the point of sale to make an on the spot claim. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make a claim with just a picture of your card.

Can I retrospectively claim my health fund rebate?

This depends on your specific health fund. Some funds will allow you to retrospectively claim (i.e. up to 24 hours before the HICAPs transaction). Where as, others will only allow you to claim on the same day as the consultation.